Stay home to stay safe and stay sane!

Stay home

Social distancing seems to be harder but an appropriate way to stay safe. Various hashtags are used on the social media platforms but the one that is mostly being used is Stay Home. In order to flatten the curve of the deadly corona virus, people around the country are being asked by the government to stay home. As it minimizes the contact with the outside world.

The process that we are following of quarantine or stay home has changed everything. Our daily way of doing work, our businesses and interaction with the loved ones. But the thing which is common in everybody’s mind is stress and uncertainty because of this pandemic. People are feeling isolated, lonely and bored. They feel that there is a loss of routine. Social distancing has disrupted our usual social support structures.

There are several ways to stay home happily like:

  • Establishing new routines

We feel things in a way we want to. So, you have control over yourself. Set up whole your routine accordingly so that it doesn’t disrupt your health and keeps you busy as well.

Stay home doesn’t mean to indulge in sleeping late at night or eating ice creams in breakfast, as all these kinds of habits can lead to psychological stress and immune stress as well. Maintain a healthy schedule and keeping yourself busy will help to stabilize the stress and make you feel tried as well so that you can have sound sleep at night.

  • Stay home and engage yourself

Now it’s a great time to be active and engage in activities that you like to do baking, painting, music or art. It’s important to be active so you can also plan a morning or evening session of zumba or aerobics as they are stress busters and also keep body healthy.

  • Take a stroll in your terrace or balconies

It’s not allowed to go outside. Fine. But take a break and walk and feel the fresh air, admire the sunshine and nature as it will do wonders for your mental and physical health.

  • Do something different

Stay home may be a boredom. But only till the time you don’t try to make it happening. Plan a coffee date with your spouse. Play with you children. In your social groups send a daily fun task that has to be completed by the day end and then share videos or photos of the same. Kill the boredom in the quirkiest way you can.

  • Limit the exposure of news

You really need to manage the media intake. It okay to pay attention but don’t be obsessed. It’s not good to be constantly exposed to negative news.  Take breaks from social media and the news, and when things start to feel overwhelming, try yoga or breathing exercises.

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