Self-care is utmost important while social distancing


We change our-self according to the situation. And at this point of time, we all are experiencing that haven’t been seen or listened before. Our routines are disturbed poorly but all we can do is to cope up with the running time and adopt some self-care strategies that tend to be subjective.

Some things that we really need to ask to ourselves while adjusting in self-care routine:

Some things that we really need to ask to ourselves while adjusting in self-care routine:

What can we still do?

You may surround yourself with negative vibes because of the current situation but don’t fall into the trap of making things worse while adjusting in the process but overlooking the things that are consistent. Even if you are not able to engage by all that you may be unable to do, but still try hard to shift your focus towards the strategies that have worked in the past. It may still transfer during this time.

Here are some ideas for self-care strategies:

Baths, cooking, crafting, coloring, deep breathing exercise, gratitude practice, digital detox, mindfulness, meditation, music, dancing, praying, painting, reading, knitting, sewing, writing etc.

What all new opportunities for self-care are existing under this pandemic?

Many of you may be feeling emptiness, or hollowness in at this time. Are there anything that you have planned before? Because now you have the time and you can cope up with the skills that you have wanted to try and now social distancing has created an opportunity to explore. Or any habit that you have neglected from the past? Well it’s a good time to pick back during this time.

Examples may include:

Cleaning, adopting new routine, household bonding, pampering pets, enhancing skill, upgrading skillset, playing an instrument etc.

Ongoing exposure to stress without proper coping can put you at risk for serious consequences such as depression and heart disease. Instead of neglecting your self-care during this time, shift your focus to adapting and be kind to yourself as you adjust.

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