Spirits has to be high – Stay positive during quarantine


We all know that it’s a critical time for our lives and for our nation as well.  It is the problem which doesn’t have any solution but still every possible step is taken to protect lives. This is the time to raise your spirits, stay optimistic, think what are elder says, “After every dark night their comes a shiny morning”. So, if this time is giving us so much pain, just think what all thinks you’ll do after this all negativity of corona will go.

You build your negativity deck without recognizing it, and that becomes your lens for most situations. Your negativity bias can squeeze the life out of you and diminish your verve for life. It can restrain you from taking on new challenges, forming new relationships or deepening intimacy with old ones. But when you reshuffle your negativity deck and stack it with positivity, you have the cumulative benefit of unlocking a range of options with high spirit.

Here are few actions to raise the spirits, stir the hidden optimism and embracing the perspectives forgotten before:

Wide your scope

Everyday focus on the wide options instead of constantly thinking about the pandemic. Raise your spirits as being thinking only about difficult thing will generate the feeling of being pessimistic. Hope should always be there as the world depends on it.

Lodge on your personal resources

Take your personal resources at your fingertips to instead of limitations. High spirit in heart and mind will overcome with every obstacle and difficult times. Stay home and eat healthy, take ample sleep, do exercise and meditation and establish strong social support.

Learn how flexible you are

Turn the stiffness into flexibility, it will raise the spirits and hope. Turn the difficult times not as problems but as lessons. Be curious about what you can learn about yourself from social distancing and use it as stepping stone rather than as roadblocks.

Avoid blowing situations out of proportion

Don’t let one bad experience to rule your whole outlook. It will not become only your perspective but also the close ones will be affected with this. Turn past mistakes into experience and boost your spirit as nothing is permanent and nothing lasts forever. Every situation can be changed for further.

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