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Do you remember opening a greeting card?

Posted on August 11 2018

Do you remember opening a greeting card?

Holding the greeting card tight in hands or putting it inside a book, was an experience we recall even now. We know many of you just remembered one such moment while reading this. Isn’t it ;)

Ear-to-ear grin with complete silence, slowly taking out from its envelope and reading words of never-expressed emotions amid the fear of not getting caught, all is past now. Back then when we had only pocket money to support our wish list, we often had to ask parents for money to buy gifts and the usual one was greeting cards.

I remember in 10th standard I gifted my teacher a greeting card to tell her that the chapters explained by her just a day before final exam, made me score maximum marks. In my last visit to my hometown, I met her and to my much surprise, she showed me that card and said I still have it with me.

That was the moment when I went speechless (though I am usually not). I was not expecting her to still give that piece of paper space in her cupboard. I was touched. Such is the emotional connect of a mere greeting card.

That’s the reason we say, Paperkami is not just a card rather it’s an experience. When we gift someone a card, it becomes a memory from that very moment. It becomes personal and steals attention whenever re-visited.

Do you too have a story that can take us on a ride of indelible emotions? If yes then do share with us we will feature it and reward you with a surprise.


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