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For a Lasting Impression!

Posted on August 05 2018

For a Lasting Impression!


Like there is no place like home for the holidays similarly there is nothing more magical than to pen down your thoughts & feelings on paper to give it to someone.

And we all would agree that everyone enjoys these magical moments created with love. You can add a fanciful card that will get you on the side of someone’s cubicle or table all season long.

The key is to leave a lasting impression and to tell them who is saying it to them. This way, interaction is flowing, emotions are flowing in the most amazing way. Cards are the beautiful ways to create that magic which is unforgettable. I’ve found that cards bring joyous moments to any celebration of life.

Now think about how many people remember the forwarded messages you shared over the phone or social medias? Do you ever wonder how you can pour your feelings that will remain forever creating an everlasting impression? It’s time to get stocked your feelings on the greeting cards and deliver.

"Paperkami Pop up greetings is an illustrated piece of architecture featuring an expression of joy, care or other sentiments from fine art to humorous and once opened, have a picture coming outward, giving the receiver an unimaginable surprise "

Dragon Fly Pop up card



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