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Greeting cards and those inevitable emotions!

Posted on August 04 2018

Greeting cards and those inevitable emotions!


There was a time when words used to be emotions expressed with lot more sophistication and personal touch.

We are talking about the days of Greeting Cards; days when we used to ink our feeling on the paper. Today, the copiousness of emails, tweets, messages, and social media posts have made communication easy but less personal. 

Do you remember when you last received a greeting card? Do you still have that piece of affection lying somewhere isolated in your room? We often get rid of virtual cards but we do treasure the feelings of hand-written personalised messages. Isn’t it.

There was always a reason to visit your nearest stationary shop or gallery and browse through a variety of colourful cards to pour your feelings.

How greetings cards are still special?

We miss the excitement of opening an envelope that has a message someone inked personally. It’s not a ready-made template to just replace words and float to all.

Greeting Card Mother's Day
When you write a greeting card, you experience the joy of doing something special for someone. You do your best to ensure from handwriting to words to the card design, everything impress the receiver.

" Paperkami brings back the lost charm of emanating emotions with that unforgettable personal touch "

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  • Sahil Vaid: August 04, 2018

    My sister purchased some of you wonderful cards. I was wondering if you have done any designs with a kite on it.

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