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“MOM” was not my First Name but It’s my Favorite Name

Posted on August 16 2018

“MOM” was not my First Name but It’s my Favorite Name

Well well well, you are reading it so right! This one word is a whole package of unconditional love, warmth, care and preserved relation which remains with us in physical or spiritual form till our last breath. Feeling the baby in your womb for the first time and even all over again gives you a different energy and certainly a reason to celebrate and live life one more time like never before! Being the loyal and caring man in your woman life, you want to celebrate this bliss with hundreds more lives, to spread this news aloud it in this whole wide world and why not after all god has chosen you both to be the proud parents!

Paperkami brings you the beautiful range of baby shower pop-up cards to share that immense happiness with the near and dear ones. A baby shower is a way to celebrate the transformation of a woman into a mother is the biggest celebration ever for any family. Your baby coming is as special for the paperkami group as well which exists to exhibit every feeling and emotion in the most different panache which has never been witnessed before by anyone. We want to join you in this celebration of a new life, welcoming a new girl or a boy in this world.

I find the greatest joy for any parents to be is to give away the invite cards to celebrate this previous and joyous moments with others like never before. After all its a new addition in the family and everything should be very special in its own way from baby shower invites to first birthday cards. Paperkami wants to take that privilege to help you celebrate your new arrival exactly how you want to be with our baby shower invitations.


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