The Beautiful One!


I know you think I’m crazy. Maybe that’s because I am. About life, about this moment, about Paperkami pop up cards which brings life to any emotion, feeling, sentiment and what not. This is not a beginning of a new chapter in the pop cards world but certainly this is the beginning of a new look to your thoughts.

Paperkami is coming up with unmatchable card ideas to match the way you would like to communicate and express everything to your near and dear ones in a beautiful physical and visual presentation. You can say whatever you want. Sassy and amusing, these cards is guaranteed to cause a smile wherever they reach.

Sending a card would not be the same anymore, we have something more to offer like cool, crafty animal pop up cards with a personal touch made with colorful best quality papers which looks as gorgeous as real animals are! My personal favorite is Animal Train Pop up card which is built with chosen gang of animals riding on a train for your little ones to get excited about! We love unique and fun cards for our kids and this pop up card certainly is one.

Have you ever found animals on the train and took it home for your kids? Well, with this special animal train pop up paper craft, you can do that now which could be a great gift for your lovely kids. Your kids will love the simple mechanism that makes the animals pop out of the train. We are extremely extremely excited to present these three-dimensional and dynamic paper toys!


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