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Where craft unfolds the feelings!!

Posted on August 04 2018

Where craft unfolds the feelings!!


There really is nothing nicer than getting a card in the post, it’s like getting a big hug in an envelope! Don’t wait around for that one special occasion – make a habit of surprise with the thoughtful messages to your loved ones!

Nothing beats getting a handwritten card even more now because conversations became texting on whatsapp, feelings became subliminal messages on Facebook, the word “love” has lost its immense value while delightful greeting cards helps you to make those meaningful connection with the people you love.

Words really do mean everything. They get to the truth of how we feel about the people we love. And if you’re like me, you’ll have a hard time ever parting with these precious keepsakes.

Fifty years from now, when you’re old and gray, the personalized greeting cards stay with you like beautiful memories which never disappears with time. These saved memories are especially poignant. All of these are such sweet reminders of those days that passed all too fast. One of my personal favorite mementos is a greeting card I found on my desk 2 years ago on the completion of 10 years with my company at work.

I still need this same reminder today. I think we all do.

" Paperkami brings to you – a blank canvas with a beautiful fine art work for your thoughts and wishes! The beautiful artwork and sentiments touch our hearts, making us feel loved and appreciated "


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