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Couple Kiss on Bridge 3D Greeting Card

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This intricately designed card opens with the most romantic view of a couple holding each other on a bridge. They are dressed in a White Wedding attire which makes the scene much more romantic and becomes a token of a promise for forever.

The couple is in pure awe of each other and is reflecting the happiness that they feel for each other.  This romantic greeting card is the perfect way to say I love you on that special occasion.

Inspiration – Our designers especially drew inspiration from The Day of Love, Valentine’s Day while creating this card. It’s a perfect gesture to express your feelings, love and all other sentiments. It's one of the memorable gifts one can give.

Occasion – It is an ideal card for celebrating Valentine’s Day, anniversaries or just making your loved one feel even more loved and special. It's even a great option for a proposal greeting card. This card oozes love and what a great feeling it is to be in love.

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