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Couple In Love Card - Gondola Ride

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The blue cover of the Venice Gondola Love Scene pop-up card features a halcyon illustration of gondolier rowing their way down a Venetian canal. Inside the card is a pop-up scene you will never forget. A couple sits and in a moment of pure joy and love while clicking a selfie in the city of love, Venice. This amazing scene is complemented by gorgeous, colourful Venetian buildings in the background.  

Inspiration: To go out in a gondola is to reconstruct in one’s imagination the true Venice, the Venice of the past alive with romance and elopements. It’s for lovers and friends who love to vacation together and spend time away.

Occasion: Anytime is a good time to express your love or surprise a loved one. Give this creative card to your beloved on Valentine's Day or to announce an upcoming trip to one of Europe's loveliest cities. It’s an essential card for couples who love to travel together, explore together and don’t forget to click selfies along the way. It's a perfect gift for her, him, anniversary gifts for couples and fun valentines day ideas for couples. 

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