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Love Cupcake Valentine’s Day Greeting Card

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A laser-cut cupcake with xs and os and a sprinkling of hearts adorns the red cover of this Valentine's Day card. Once you open the card, a chocolate cupcake with white frosting with heart conversations appears within. The cupcake design looks so realistic and tasty making it really hard for your Valentine to resist.

Occasion: The card makes for a significant Valentine’s Day option. Apart from that, who doesn’t mind getting a Cupcake as a surprise? Whether it’s a birthday or an anniversary, this card makes for an excellent choice.

Inspiration: Our Cupcake design is a Valentine special edition. It’s sure to elicit smiles on any receiver’s face! Whether you're looking for a creative way to tell someone how you feel or sending a loved one a cupcake in the mail, this card is it!

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