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Friends are like a packet full of chips that you wish should never end like just the way you want thing in friendship some spices, taste and never ending chit chat, they are the one whom you turn up on even slightest inconvenience. Even though they don’t know how to solve their problem but if a single thing hurts you, they become daring and courageous. Salute to this amazing and magnificent bond. They are your best friend for life . A buddy through thick and thin, build fort skips rocks. Jumps in puddle and gets dirty. Defends, protect, supports and always up for an adventure even in the dark. Do you still need any occasion to celebrate your bond? Paperkami has some stupendous collection of greeting cards for friends to give a toast to this awesome friendship. Friendship is a connection that lasts longer than any other relation because of one strong element that is “no-expectations.”