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Food & Drinks

Greeting cards can say so much; they can express love, gratitude, sorrow or well wishes. What's better than sharing your deepest feelings on paper? Mixing it with food and drinks, of course.

Do you want to tell someone you love them, even though they may not be your favorite person ever? Show them some love by comparing them to your favorite food and drinks pop up greeting card.

Food and drinks themed greeting card are specially designed for the foodies and drink lovers. Each greeting card has the perfect food or drink related pun for whatever sentiment you could think of – apart from the really serious stuff, which is probably not the time for delicious wordplay.

 Food and drinks themed card is not only assigned for a specific occasion, you can say sorry to a person by giving them their favorite food and drink themed pop up greeting card with a cute note of contrition.It can also be gifted on birthdays of your dear ones resulting in big hugs from them.

 Food and drinks themed cards can also be gifted on retirement party , thanking someone or be it somone’s anniversary . Our greeting cards are laser cut and hand assembled with love, they are a perfect fit for every occasion.

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