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Custom Picture Camera Greeting Card

₹ 549.00 ₹ 649.00

The vibrant orange color cover of the card shows viewfinder of a camera and is laser-cut Camera pop up card. The composition of the photo is a rugged mountain range with trees in the forefront. 


Once the card is unfurled a 3D pop-up camera full of fun details including a laser-cut lens. Turning the card around, and the back of the pop up camera mirrors the scene depicted on the cover in spectacular color wherein, you can also attach a beautiful moment that you shared with your loved one and personalize the card by adding your own momentum on it.

Inspiration : We all just love posing for photographs, love for camera is universal. Camera preserves our beautiful memories.

If we could tell the stories in words, we wouldn’t need to lug around a camera. We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. The very essence of this card is to capture a candid moment that irreplaceable.

Occasion : The camera pop-up card is the perfect birthday card for your favorite photographer, thank your friend for photographing your baby's first birthday and can be gifted to the camera lover. The card can also be given as pure token of emotions by adding a personal picture at the back.

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