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Diwali Holiday Greeting Card - Red

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Gift this card to friends and family during the festival of lights. This card features a Diwali Diya which is the most auspicious gift one can gift, it’s the epitome of spreading positivity among loved ones. It is also perfect for anyone whose inner light brings happiness to you. Gift giving during Diwali is a traditional ritual. The gifts are meant to express affection and love for the recipient. 

The front of this stunning pop-up Diwali greeting card features a maze-like, foil-embossed laser-cut lotus flower design.

When the card is unfurled it shows a magnificent 3D paper sculpture in the shape of a blooming lotus flower candle. Complete with paper candles and one large flame in the centre this card embodies the significance of light in Hinduism, which represents goodness.

Inspiration: Diwali is a Hinduism festival of lights which comes in October or November. Its always celebrates in a tremendous way. This occasion is celebrated as victory of good over evil. 

Occasion: A perfect medium of exchanging gifts this Diwali, for relatives, for neighbours, for colleagues, for clients and for bosses.

Standard Card Dimensions - 6 x 8"

Paperkami Greeting Card Dimensions


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