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Friendship Greeting Card - Barrel Cactus

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The innovative brown cover of this pop-up card showcases a green laser-cut cactus in a white pot. When the card is opened sprouted cactus appears.

Inspiration: The cactus is a real source of green inspiration for me. Its colors are captivating, from dark blue to soft green, to bright yellow. And during the flowering season, the shades vary from orange to pink and red. Behind its barrier of thorns, the plant looks naked, fragile. She embodies this beauty of the elusive.

Cactus gives you advice “ get plenty of sunshine, accentuate your strong points, be patient to the dry spells, conserve your resources, don’t desert your friends, wait for your time to bloom and stay sharp!

Occasion: You don’t need an occasion to give someone cactus pop up. A fun gift for your plant-loving friend or a paper replacement for that friend who just can’t keep their plants alive. You can definitely add this in your list of gift ideas for friends.