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Steam Train Greeting Card

₹ 499.00 ₹ 599.00

The design of this personalized greeting card is so realistic that you can almost hear the “choo-choo” background at the back. The outer of the card has a glossy black finish with a laser-cut design of a train engine rushing ahead in full speed. Open this train card and a magnificent locomotive train pops up. This old-fashioned train is equipped with red and gold engines and other accents.

Inspiration: Trains have always been an exciting surprise since childhood. We would always be looking forward to riding in trains as they’ve had a mystic charm to them. Our designers had this very charm in their minds while creating this very card.

Occasion: This intricately designed card is a perfect gift for people who get supremely fascinated with trains. It makes for unique birthday gifts as well for friends and family.