Greeting Card for Parents-Rabbit and Bunny

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“The light purple cover of the bunny and rabbit greeting card for parents features a printed little, white bunny on the back of a bigger, brown bunny.

Once the card unfolds, the Bunny Family unveils into two bunnies from the cover in the centre of the card. The white bunny is vivified while the bigger, brown bunny, with its ears, pointed slightly downward, is standing in place on the grassland. Behind the Bunny Family, a moss-and-flower-covered log is a home to three more little white bunnies!

Inspiration: Rabbits are love. They are so soft, cute and cuddly. Bunny Rabbits are bubbly and exuberant, so we just wanted to bring this creation in front of you. This card is a great reference for mother-child love. It displays family affection and love in the purest form.

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