Blue Butterfly Pop-Up Greeting Card for Sister Birthday

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Butterflies greeting card for sister birthday leads you to the sunny side of life. And everyone deserves a little sunshine. Butterflies are also a symbol of transformation and hope and bring joy to those who have recently suffered a loss.

The ballet slipper pink cover of the Blue Morph Butterfly card features a light blue, laser-cut butterfly fluttering about an orange hibiscus and its green stem.
Once opened, the card reveals a blue and orange winged butterfly sitting upon a printed pink hibiscus. This Pop Up Butterfly can definitely get added to your list of unique gifts as such personalized greeting cards are always memorable and lovely.

Inspiration: A butterfly’s grace has inspired artists to paint, the shutterbugs to capture its vibrant colors and nature enthusiasts are simply delighted to have them around. Another form of art that’s inspired the butterfly is writing and here you can pour your heart out to tell your feelings to someone special.

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